Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Dog so Small

Everything I have been working on has been small recently, sometimes too small and the seam ripper and I have been keeping close company.
After years of the worst contract that I could possibly have ever negotiated it was time to ditch my old phone and enter the iphone world, and to keep it safe in my bag I needed a case.  I found some great tutorials at this blog  I used the iphone sleeve and the ear buds pouch.  They are easy, straightforward tutorials, but do check the size of your phone against the pattern.  Each model seems to change dimensions, I have 4s and I unpicked my seams for 1/4'' and squeezed it in eventually.

 I tweaked the pouch a tiny bit- rounded the top corners, a side tab and elastic/button closure with a glorious vintage button that I have been saving for the right purpose.
The fabric scrap came from a special tiny Flickr swap with a farmer in USA with vitnage scraps from me and vintage scraps from him and canine print was a treasure.  I cut a sliver off my Center City  Los Angeles Uptown, I am saving the rest for a Tova, just 2 meters will make a size small.  I also used Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen which is a very useable grey blender print and despite the name it is 100% quilter's cotton weight.  The ear buds case is Field Study Mind's Eye in Toast- just shows how those big prints also work small.  All the new fabrics are from he every helpful Annie at Village Haberdashery.
When I was 12, my favourite book was this... 
No surprises there!  You can share your favourite childhood book in the comments for a touch of nostalgia.
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  1. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles.
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  2. Great makes. I guess the first book I really really loved as a child was "The Princess and the Pea" Still have my ladybird copy.

  3. Very cute especially the ear phone pouch. My poor battered old blackberry doesn't even have a cover! I used to love the Richard Scarry books when I was little.

  4. I don't know this book. I'm guessing it never was translated. Around that age I read Anne of Green Gables until my books was in pieces. I loved that book extraordinarily. :)

  5. That's so beautiful cover and especially with a dog! Button is perfect!
    I loved English horse-girl books and I can still catch the feeling they had!

  6. Lovely pouch! I need to make one. My favorite books were a toss up between the two Frances h. Burnett books, secret garden and a
    Little princess! I acted them out with my dollhouse dolls constantly

  7. Love your phone cover! That button is fabulous!!!
    I loved Ann of Greengables too, and I also loved the Mallory Towers series by Enid Blyton

  8. I had that book! With that cover - in fact I think I still have it somewhere ... Some of my favourites were the Narnia books, and the Swallows and Amazons series. Your phone cover is great - I love the fabrics you've used, and the Center City will make a great Tova!

  9. Oh very sweet - the best king of dog is a fabric one ;)

    The Turbulent Term Of Tyke Tyler - classic!

  10. Oh, your pouches turned out wonderful! Those vintage fabrics are gorgeous, and the button to die for! I really like Erin's patterns, too.

  11. The pouches are great! Beautiful work.

    And welcome to the wonderful cult of iPhone. You'll begin to feel weird about how much you love it very shortly, but it passes, and you go back to loving it. :-)

  12. Nice, clean job on the teeny tiny sewing!

    Oh gosh, how far are we going back on the whole book thing?! "Gobbolino The Witch's Cat", and "The Farthest Away Mountain" and "Veronica at the Wells" and many, many others! I love how they stay with us for ever...

  13. Cute pouch !
    I loved the adventure books by Enid Blyton , and also loved Charlotte's Web and Pollyanna . Later I loved the Nancy Drew series and then Mills and Boon ( which was very tame in those days !) I still love reading . But no longer read Mills and Boon !!

  14. My favourite book and still as I have read a few times since is the Railway children
    Julie xxxxxx

  15. Lovely pouch! Thanks for the link to the tutorials, I really need to make one for myself - my phone is getting scratched! It's way down on my list though, maybe a Christmas pressie to myself?
    Sarah x

  16. You should try some of Erin's other tutorials. I even bought the two zip bag pattern which went together with extremely well-written directions. All of her creations are well- thought out.

    Lots of favorite books. I did love Anne of Green Gables a lot and it was my definite pleasure later in life when I was an exchange student to Finland to know my fellow exchange student was the grandson of L.M. Montgomery ( the author). He had also been to Prince Edward Island - a dream I still have not managed to get to.

  17. Very cute, love the dugs!

    Mine was, of course, What Katy Did ;o)


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