Friday, 15 February 2019

Introducing Joni

So I have been sewing but only hand sewing in very short, small sessions because we have a newbie in the house.  Welcome Joni, almost 9 weeks and collected last weekend.  A puppy is a mix of adorable cute, silliness, frustration and chaos.  We're all finding our way nicely through it with some ups and downs.  She is a King Charles Cavalier like Lottie but a Tri-colour and obviously, each dog has its own personality and ways.  It is a strange mix missing Lottie and welcoming a puppy but such is life.  My heart is full of the wonderful times we had with Lottie and I'm looking forward to the walks and beach adventures coming our way, just as soon as we've got through house training and vaccinations.

Our cat Buffy was very keen on Lottie, so she has been incredibly tolerant of a cheeky young upstart. The sun has been shinning with all the hints of spring so they've been united in their love of finding a spot with optimum warmth and light.  


  1. it is always sad to lose a beloved dog.But always a joy to give another dog a happy homelife knowing Buffy will be loved and cared for. I am sure you will have many happy years together. Doreen.

  2. Joni is adorable and Cavalier's are the most wonderful breed.

  3. Welcome, Joni! You've got your paws in a lovely family - just wait until you're big enough to go on the beach and feel the sand and sea under your paws! I'm looking forward to seeing many more photos of you over the coming months and years xx


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