Thursday, 24 January 2013

Buttons and clothes

I have been perusing Saints and Pinners to see what I can recommned to you this month and subconsciously I have chosen a palette of grey/blue/pink co-ordinating palette that is making me think of an outfit in these fabrics.  Jo does choose fabrics that are great for dress making.  This light and floaty cotton/bamboo blend would make a beautiful top or shirt, Tova even, also comes in charcoal grey and heather.  Subtle prints that work for clothing can be hard to find which is what makes these fabrics appeal to me that little bit extra.
And to go with your new shirt, how about a skirt?  Trousers even if you are feeling daring?  This crossweave cotton is a medium to heavy weight so it would work well in either and has more subtly and would be easier to sew than denim.
To help you visualise a skirt, Jo helpfully made one a few months back using the Victory Madeline pattern.
Gorgeous isn't it?  Wonderful pockets,  and you know how I love a project with pockets.  This one is made from the pink version of the same cross weave and it gives you idea of the drape.
Thinking a little smaller and a little quicker, Jo also stocks Metal fabric cover buttons, great to add detail to a bag or a shop bought garment.  Replacing the buttons on a cardigan sounds twee but it can turn a boring item round to something you will wear all the time.  You can copy Jo's idea of pieced scraps ( she sells Charms as well as scrap rolls with a wide range of prints, ideal for this  and you will find the buttons in 3 sizes here, here and here.
Or you can cheat and buy the ones Jo has already made for you, shh, I won't tell a soul ;)
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  1. I love Jo's dress, I'm trying not to click the link....... I don't need anymore fabric!! xx

  2. That skirt is so cute ~ almost makes me want to wear one (haven't in years)! I love making my own buttons ~ pieced sounds really cute!

  3. I've been eyeing up thtat crossweave, it really does look very lovely!


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