Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tea towel love

Seeing my Winter Woolies pattern pop up on Flickr is the greatest feeling!  Penny dropped me a line to say she was creating something and then look what I found only a short time later...
Winter Woolies tea towel
How cool is that!  I am even more honoured because it is going in front of the espresso machine- a vital part of the kitchen, and I am pretty sure she even has a name. Love it Penny!  Wanna see the new book she is a part of- pop to her blog and take a peek, it looks very cute indeed.
sib blog


  1. I can no longer resist. I am going to buy the pattern NOW!
    Lovely versions (o:

  2. Hoping to win it but if not I may have to follow the crowd!

  3. It's interesting how everyone has come up with a different way to use this lovely pattern! There are so many possibilities to Winter Woolies!

  4. Fantastic...I love seeing everyones ideas!

  5. I love seeing all the different ways people are using your pattern - must be a lovely feeling!

  6. I was so excited for your pattern, Kerry! It's so well written and the design is so sweet, I couldn't resist making it "right now". Also, I needed a new tea towel to add in the rotation for my Stella (you're in good company, I had been using the ones Ayumi made for me exclusively...) so it was a perfect combo!!


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