I keep a space for sponsors on the right menu bar.  These places are limited, this is a personal blog and so I want to keep the balance between sponsor posts and personal crafting posts.  In the past I have used affiliate links to Amazon and Craftsy in some of my older posts but as from July 2015, I am no longer adding links to those outlets.  If I am using a product that I have bought through my sponsor, I will link to them and all such links use the 'rel=nofollow" attribute.

 My usual arrangement is each sponsor receives a monthly blog post and I only endorse or recommend products I like and am happy to use- I can be pretty fussy and my standards are high!   My preference is for sponsors who represent my sewing interests, both quilting and dressmaking.

From time to time  I review books that I think I and my readers will like and this is usually in return for a free copy of the book.  I do not usually review books in PDF form as it is very difficult to get a true feel of the book.  My reviews are honest and open.

I also occasionally review fabric, patterns or new shop ventures as a one off blog post.  This arrangement usually involves a blog post in return for fabric or a sewing pattern and as with book review, I give honest and open opinions.

I  currently average approximately 60 000- 70 000 page views or more a month varying according to my involvement in different projects. I am active on Instagram (5600+ followers) and twitter (1600 followers).

If you are interested in being a sponsor or have any questions, you are welcome to email me- there is a link in my right hand menu bar.

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