Monday, 9 May 2011

The wheels on the bus

I had some funny responses to my last post, tales of you wondering around in public covered in pins and threads.  The sacrifices we make for our art!
The second boy block for Christine in Bee (A little bit) Japanese was to be a vehicle.  She had put lots of primary bright Kona solids into the fabrics and I just added the Charlie Brown and ruler measure scraps.  I used Kumiko Fujitas bus block in 318 Patchwork (sadly out of print but Etsy is worth a try)
I free pieced it so no freezer paper for this one.  I blew up the image on the scanner and measured the width of the different sections and cut and pieced and trimmed.
It took me a little while to work out the wheels and then when I did it was so easy.  See how it works below.  So easy that I got the direction of the lines wrong and forgot to put the blue road on the bottom half of the wheels and had to unpick and redo them twice.
It looks slightly like an ice cream van to me but the yellow is a reminder that it is a school bus.
Now I am off to school, though not in a bus.  Have a good week!
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  1. What a cute block, it looks exactly like an American yellow school bus to me! Great work!

  2. A really lovely block
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. That is ONE fabulous block Kerry!

  4. I love your little school bus...with passengers and all! Very cute!

  5. Such an adorable block. Great job Kerry!

  6. Your blog is one of my favorites. You make things I love. This bus is so darn cute.

  7. OMG so cute! I love Charlie Brown, I used to read them over and over as a child. Where did you get that fabric from?

  8. that is a very cute block! good work!

  9. your bus is adorable. the ruler and charlie brown touches are perfect. your talent is immense.

  10. What's a bright idea! Ok, I decided: I wanna be a follower!


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