Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cath Kidston Interview

It was my husband who prompted me to listen to Cath Kidston on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island discs and I am so glad that I did.  I have always been a sucker for her vintage shabby chic but these days I see it all day long.  I live in a student area in a University city, there are so many female students with Cath Kidston bags.  At work I see children dressed in Cath Kidston and Cath kidston nappy bags everywhere so it can become a little over familiar.

But I can't deny that every time the catalogue comes through the door I flick through and think she has nailed it, always something new, the vintage continues to inspire and every now and then I'll be tempted to buy a little something.  Listening to her interview I was impressed by her resourcefulness and resilience.   Yes, she has come from a moneyed and comfortable background but there were hardships.   It caught me out,  she is a quiet, thoughtful, and honest interviewee with sensible ideas on business and life.  I was impressed by her integrity.   I don't know if the link will work outside of the UK, but if you can, have a listen, you may be surprised.
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  1. Thanks Kerry, oh and Mr Kerry - I am listening now!

  2. I am a fan of desert island discs anyway and was pleased to learn more about Cath last week. I saw an feature on her home last year and I was very surprised at how un-Cath it was; very minimalist and White. I was pleased to hear some of the reasons why.
    Kandi x

  3. I never miss Desert Island Discs; it's one of the many podcasts I listen to whilst i'm gardening in the week. It was such a treat this week when I saw that Cath Kidston was on & I really enjoyed hearing her story & her tunes. (I'm now also obsessed with the Lucinda Williams track she chose & it's been on non-stop in my van this weekend!).

  4. I am a fan of Desert Island Discs and listened to Cath's program last week. Didn't she come across as lovely! Very posh. I found out recently that she's related to Kirstie Allsopp too. x

  5. My hubby advised me to listen to this only this evening! I may well do so now! :) Thank You
    PS-I thinks R4/Desert Island discs is a hubby thing ;)

  6. It was very interesting wasn't it? I was surprised by her story when I saw her talking last year. Have you seen the necklace in real life? Tiny!!! & yes I agree..... far too much CK in our city! x

  7. I too enjoyed the interview, especially as a fellow retailer. She is a very interesting woman, who found a niche in the market at just the right time and has exploited it wonderfully!


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